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Lyft takes off 24-hour telephone bolster for drivers

SAN FRANCISCO: Among the greatest disappointments of ride-hailing drivers is figuring out how to connect with on-request transportation organizations when they have an inquiry or an issue. Also, among the most concerning issues for on-request transportation organizations is baffled drivers.

To help keep its drivers content, Lyft declared Monday that it will in the coming weeks take off 24-hour across the nation telephone bolster for drivers in English and Spanish, and also an online talk choice. Uber appeared a comparable element in July.

Before telephone bolster, Lyft drivers could just contact the San Francisco organization by means of email. That was an agony for some drivers who liked to converse with a partner, as opposed to backpedal and forward on email.

At the point when the element dispatches not long from now, the organization stated, drivers will have the capacity to tap a catch inside the Lyft application to call a Lyft relate. Lyft will as of now have the driver's points of interest close by. An in-application visit choice – much the same as the client benefit talk work offered on Amazon – will likewise be accessible.

"This has been on our guide for some time," said Mary Winfield, Lyft's VP of trust and security. "We do a great deal of shadowing with drivers, and we ask what they're considering and believing, and from that we confirmed that more prompt channels of help were essential."

Lyft's client bolster operators will be situated far and wide, with the greater part of the group in the US, and Spanish-talking accomplices in Focal America and Florida.

Uber propelled a comparative component in July as a major aspect of its "180 Days of Progress," a battle to curry support with drivers, a significant number of whom have been displeased with waning wages and a baffling application encounter.

Uber and Lyft are secured a savage battle for clients and drivers, with both attempting to one-up each other in traveler arrangements and rebates, and also includes that sweeten the experience for drivers, for example, in-application tipping, auto wash rebates and driver rewards.

PlayStation Australia offers physical trophies for amusement completionists

The Sept 26 dispatch of soccer reproduction FIFA 18 leads an Australian PlayStation crusade to grant a predetermined number of players with physical trophies for their endeavors.

Another arrangement to remunerate probably the most dedicated computer game players with mantlepiece trophies is being appeared this September by PlayStation in Australia.

Taking its prompt from stage equal Xbox, which presented an in-diversion milestoning framework called Accomplishments in 2005, PlayStation's Trophies urge players to clear amusements as completely as could reasonably be expected.

Computerized tokens of virtual advance, these Trophies fill in as a record of player devotion and aptitude.

PlayStation's framework enables amusement engineers to dispense trophies to four pre-characterized levels.

Bronze, silver, and gold demonstrate the trouble of finishing the required undertaking, while an amusement's platinum trophy opens when each other trophy had been gotten.

Actualising those platinum keepsakes is a piece of another opposition called PlayStation In addition to Platinum Seekers.

Four bespoke Platinum Trophies have been made for PlayStation Australia, which is utilizing the imitations to encourage a collective concentrate on four up and coming titles.

Following the retail presentation of FIFA 18, rivalry contestants have a half year to acquire the amusement's platinum trophy on PlayStaton 4 and after that offer a screenshot of it to either Facebook or Twitter, posting it with a #PlusPlatinumHunters hashtag and circling PlayStation Australia's pertinent interpersonal organization account in on the activity; the first to do as such wins an imitation PlayStation Trophy.


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